full form of internet


I think i don’t need to tell you all what is internet and what is importance of internet.Internet is also called the World Wide Web or shortly the Web.Web is like a web of spider,huge and big connected to different devices and routers to many networks. and devices.Well did you know the word INTERNET is short form.Oh,what we are using internet till mow without knowing its full form and the word INTERNET is in short form.Yes,then tell me what is the full form of internet?


 full form of internet

What is full form of internet?

The full form of internet is “Inter Connected Network” or “Interconnected Network” used as “International Networking“.

Some of trends or people often say:

The full form of INTERNET is INTERnational-NETwork‘.Actually i found this in quora .

What wiki brother say about the full form of internet?

 “The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that uses the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to communicate between networks and devices” Source Wikipedia

 full form of internet


What are uses of internet?

In our time there are a lot of uses of internet and i am going to list some of them.


The main use of internet is in the bank i think if you know any other then tell me .There is huge or big use of internet in banks because in each and every transaction there is use of database or cloud database which cannot be access offline so the main use of internet in bank is to store all data monetary transaction of each and individual person who are connected to the banks.

Private or public organisation 

The organisation are on their goals and there are long and short term organization and these organization need internet to look overall p[progress and loss of their organisation as well as for the worker working on organisation.

School and Colleges and University

School need internet to store students record publish result online or to update school website app as well as for students in school for computer lab. Colleges and University all need the internet because using the library and collecting data is hard comparatively going to e-library and research.


The another huge uses of internet is in hospitals .For making different reports the digital as well as the hybrid computers are used .Hospitals use comparatively high internet.

Research Centers

The another huge of internet is in the research centers .Scientist and many researcher use internet to search as well ad to save the progress discuss .


For entertainment purpose i don’t think i need to say anything.


From video gaming nowadays the most popular and famous is online gaming .Due to the great developer nowadays people make global village by use of gaming I also love gaming😅😄anyway.The games like pubg,freefire counterstrike and many more android and computer online games are famous and using a lot of internet .

Did you imagine what would happen if there is no internet?

Answer is coming soon😁

Well i give you the full form of internet with some uses of internet today.Hope you enjoy my blog and hope you will tell your friends the full form of internet.


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