online tools to create and optimize blog content

Blog writing is the most acquired field of today’s adults. Through blog writing, you can earn from home.

Blog writing increases your writing skill and vocabulary. You came to know about sentence formation and structure.

As it is a smart era many online tools help you with your blog writing field.

Let’s have a look at these tools and their benefits so that you can take benefits from them.

Blog optimization tools

These tools just require an internet connection. Most of them are free and just require minimal information for their work.

Following are the 6 best tools for blog optimization:

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This plagiarism checker can help you to remove copied material from your content. Plagiarism can ruin the content quality and credibility of your work.

To ensure the eradication of these problems it is important to find out the percentage of plagiarism. By checking plagiarism you can do this work easily. It is a free tool that provides you with a limit of 2000 words.

You have to enter your text on the input box and upload the file from any location on your will check the plagiarism and highlight it within seconds. Its advanced algorithm is sensitive to every kind of copied material.

The results obtained are highly accurate and secure. This tool is friendly for different languages. You can upload five files at a time. All the files can be of different formats.

Every sentence gets checked and compared with the database for any similarity. If the color of the content becomes green it means that it is unique and if red then it is copied. You can also check grammar and make references with this tool.

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After finding out the plagiarism you can remove it by paraphrasing. is a rewriting tool that adds words to your content and removes duplicate material.

The words that are added while paraphrasing is the keywords that make your content optimized and SEO-friendly.

You get three modes in it i.e., standard, fluency, and creative. by these modes you can remove errors from the adds semantic words and synonyms to your text that increase its readability.

The paraphrasing is just like human level. The original meaning remains maintained but the words and overall sentence structure get better. This is a very helpful tool for content creation and optimization.

You can also remove grammar mistakes and check plagiarism through it.

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This software provides you with the facility of more than 95 tools that help you in content optimization. All the tools are AI-based and are widely used for making SEO-friendly content.

If you are a content writer you can use the paraphrasing and rewriting tool f this software. These tools will help you to add keywords. The keywords are automatically placed at appropriate positions and help you to gain a high reach via search engine rankings.

Similarly, if you are trying to produce SEO-optimized website content you can do so by its SEO checker. This checker will run an audit on the content and will tell you about the keywords that can be added.

The domain authority of the website can also be analyzed. All the tools are multilingual and very easy to use. Due to its friendly interface, it is a famous tool among SEO experts and content writers.

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This bundled software contains more than 215 tools that can help in making SEO-optimized content. You can use it for various purposes.

If you want to check the percentage of copied material you can use its plagiarism checker. Similarly, by summarizing and paraphrasing tools you can rewrite your text with better quality.

The tools that are specifically for SEO are its domain authority and SEO checker. For checking the SEO score you just have to enter the URL of the website and it will provide you with a number. By this number, you can analyze whether your web content is weak or strong.

Similarly for measuring the ranking of your website on the search engine you can use a DA checker. By SEO calculation you can identify the keywords that can be added.

These tools are also free and provide your content with proper security. These are very responsive and provide accurate results.

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For online content marketing and SEO, this tool is the best option. This tool for SEO run audits on your web content and analyzes local keywords having high search volumes.

By adding these keywords you can increase your chances of ranking. Similarly, during a technical audit, it gives an account of backlinks that can be added to increase the visibility of your content.

You can analyze your daily SERP position by this audit. For content marketing, it provides you with a topic that can engage a large number of users. Give you the suggestions by which you can improve your content in real-time.

You can keep a track of your content reach and discover the strategy of competitors to gain a competitive position in the market. It can analyze the traffic to your website and help to improve the interface better.

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It’s a keyword tool. Keywords are the words that are related to your topic and have high search volumes and help to obtain maximum traffic.

It only requires your topic name or the website URL and it will suggest keywords according to it. Whenever you add keywords it gives you a table. This table contains the keywords that relate to your word.

Along with each word the monthly search volume is also given so that you can use your preferred one. Along with this, it provides low and high-range page bids for each word. The competition level of the keywords is also provided.

You can download the whole file of keywords. Keywords can be filtered according to the industry and region. It is a fast and accurate tool. You can use it without spending a single penny. This tool is a must-have for SEO-optimized content.


Writing is fun helps you to think exceptionally. Most of us have ideas in mind but cannot write them properly.

So here are the 6 tools that not only help us with the blog writing but also add value to writing by making it SEO friendly.


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