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On Page SEO For Blogger Ultimate Guide helps you to rank almost on top 10 pages easily. So on-page SEO plays a vital role in your Google ranking. You can check your SEO score on different third-party sites like ahref ubbersuggest.

best on page seo practices

In this article, I will try to give you the ultimate guide to grow your website using On-Page SEO specially for blogger websites.

What is SEO?

According to me, SEO is a technique to bypass the algorism of Google and ranking factors. SEO full form is Search Engine Optimisation. After successful keyword research, I would like to tell you that it’s time to jump towards the On-Page SEO.

On Page SEO

SEO technique that should be applied to our post so that google bot recognize our article and place our article to the right place. Thus I will give you my own technique to do On-Page SEO.

Top 5 Things of On Page SEO

There are a lot of things in on-page seo techniques that should be optimized for your article itself. Let’s discuss the top 5 best practices on On-Page SEO to gain a higher ranking.
  • Titles and Meta Titles on your Blogger
  • URLs and Permalinks 
  • Content on your blogger
  • Formatting and headings
  • Images Optimization


Titles and Meta Titles on your Blogger

title and meta title on page seo

What you think title and meta description matters or not?

The answer is yes title and meta descriptions matter a lot.

 ” Well, I know the title should be 50 characters and meta title should be 150 characters. “

No, you are not right.

Yes, now google starts to work on pixels. Yeah, pixels not on characters.

According to 2020 Google update the title and meta title is working on pixels.

Here are the right pixels to be in your title and meta title.

Title: 520 pixels

Meta-Title: 920 pixel

How to measure my title and Meta Title?

Well, it is not hard than you think.

Step1: Go through the link below:

Link: Click Me

On Page SEO For Blogger Ultimate Guide

Step2: Place your title and meta title. You will hear the beep sound if you placed more character on your title and meta title.

Done enjoy. Now you can maintain your title and meta title perfectly according to Google.

URLs and Permalinks

URLs and permalinks are another factors of on-page SEO.

Let’s start with URLs. 


Basically, on the on-page SEO internal linking and external linking matters a lot. 

Internal Linking

on-page seo factorsA linking of the internal pages in your article is known as the internal linking.

For Example:

Here I am linking this on-page SEO article to keyword research articles.

While internal linking you should give follow the link.

External Linking

The links you give to the external sites are known to be external linking

For Example:

I am giving an external link to Google.com. Which is no-follow.

What is follow links? 

Actual links are two steps on is follow and another is no-follow. We will discuss more in the backlink tutorial.

For now, just remember that internal linking should be follow and external linking should be no-follow.

on-page seo factors

Another best practice to URL is in your article 75% should be internal linking or follow links whereas 25% be external linking or no-follow links. That means if you add 7 “follow links” then you need to include 3 no-follow links.

Note: Internal links should be natural. That’s means don’t place a link forcefully it should look natural.


on-page seo steps

In bloggers the main drawbacks are permalinks. If you notice in blogger there is a date in permalinks. Which makes the permalinks longer than usual.

The focus keyword should be used on permalink rather than automatic permalink.

Content on your blogger

how to improve on-page seo

Moving forward to the content on your blogger.After you publish your article on Google and successfully indexed on Google. Then after your article starts to rank higher you may or may not notice that Google bot ranks that page having a lower bounce rate.

Bounce Rate 

on-page seo techniques

When some visitors came from Google to your site Google bot makes your article up and down according to the engagements of your visitors to your site.

Landing Page

on page seo for blogger

When someone visits your site for his searching normally s/he read the first paragraph and if s/he found any useful items on your site then there is a chance that s/he engage on your site.

So, you must focus while giving an introduction to your article.

Note: While writing it is proved that longer article ranks higher than that of the shorter article. The minimum best practice is about 2000 words.

Formatting and headings

On Page SEO For Blogger

Whoever likes nasty long paragraphs. So while writing the article you must break paragraphs after 100 to 150 words. As for me myself also focus on short paragraph because I don’t like long paragraphs.
Your article must focus on keyword and focus text using Bold, Italic, Underline. I love bold so I use bold on my keywords focus text so that it is easily noticed by visitors.

Images Optimization

On Page SEO For Blogger

At the last image optimization is another great factor in On-Page SEO. Higher Resolution image takes a lot of time which degrade the ranking score. Thus, a compressing image would be a greater idea.
You can compress an image through the online image compressor.
Link: Click Me
Learn more about: Stepwise process to compress image 
But before you compress your image make all your image you need to resize all your image through the online image maker like canvas or adobe spark.
Make all of your images on the same resolution. After that, we got a compressed well-diminished image. Now time to go through image SEO.

Image SEO 

Things to remember on image SEO

  • Make all images the same resolution.
  • Put your focus and sub keyword on the image name or what is an image about.
  • Compress your images before uploading them to the blogger.
  • Never use PNG, using jpeg is best practices till now.
  • Don’t use copyright images for your site.
  • Put keywords on “alt” and “title”.

Can I use Google’s Image?

Yes, but only those which are labeled “reuse” and don’t forget to give credit to the image owner.

What are other websites where I can get free copyright images?

Here is some list of free copyright image providers.



You can use this platform for free images. Make edit your image attractive to your visitor to make engage in your article.
Extra tips: Updating your title especially adding numbers time and again will make google bots came faster and crawl your site repeatedly. And that is mine some on-page SEO steps I use, you can share your below.
Example: Title like:

  On Page SEO For Blogger Ultimate Guide [2020 Updated ] 

It also helps to increase CTR also.

SEO Writing Assistant

Now your article is ready, time to check what things are left, and improve the article SEO and Readability score by the help of the SEO writing assistant.
Go through the link below and place your target keywords and also paste your article.
Learn More: How to use WordPress yoast SEO on Blogger.


What is the on page SEO?
Answer: Optimization of the overall article in your blog and making it SEO friendly to rank on Google is on page SEO.
How to make articles SEO friendly?
Answer: You can make your article SEO friendly by placing good low competition keyword and following rules of on page SEO.
How to do on page SEO for blogger?
Answer: You can do on page SEO for blogger by optimizing headings, images, using long-tail keyword, permalinks, and URLs.
How to improve on-page SEO?
Answer: You can improve on-page SEO by following on-page SEO factors like image optimization permalinks and URLs as well as replacing keywords.


These are the basic steps or processes of on page SEO for blogger to follow. As we don’t have yoast SEO plugins like WordPress we can use SEMRUSH SEO assistant and localhost WordPress yoast seo.If you think my post is helpful comment below share and support me.


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