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Off-Page SEO for a blogger or simply link building for bloggers and websites. Link building strategy is both harmful and a success factor for your blog and websites. Well after working hard on on-page SEO now it’s time for off-page SEO.

There are different things that should be remembered before you start link building for your site. Making thousands of links in one day doesn’t improve your site ranking. Making 1000 links per day might take you on the road to google penalties.

Here in this article, I will be going to share how you can get quality backlinks with both free and paid methods to your site. First, I will tell you some basics of link building and the things to remember while doing off-page SEO.

Link-Building Tutorial



The backlink has different meanings according to different people. In my opinion backlinks or link-building is just a voting system and making your authority higher on Google. So that Google will trust your article and rank your article on google.

Backlink or link-building isn’t hard and link-building is not only;y the one day process, you need the time as well as your site need to become old for a legit and relative link-building.

Now, again there are two types of backlinks.

Types of backlinks

There are commonly two types of backlinks according to importance. They are:


Do-follow Backlinks

Do-follow backlinks are very important types of backlinks. Because do follow backlinks pass link equity or link juice. You can get higher backlinks as well as the increase in the authority. I am giving you 30% do follow backlinks in this tutorial.

No-follow Backlinks

No-follow backlinks are those backlinks that don’t provide link equity or link juice. But they are the source of high traffic as well as the high trust of your website.

So why to make a no-follow link?

The answer is simply no-follow links provide trust of your website to Google as well as a key point of traffic source.

According to me, 50% do-follow and 50% no-follow is better.

Backlink or Link Building Strategy

According to my rule, I work on a daily basis and make backlink on the routine and also teaching you to make the backlinks on the routine basics.
We are taking backlinks from different websites and different types of backlink.

Profile Backlink

Profile Backlink is one of the famous and popular as well as my favorite backlink strategy or method that I like the most. In profile backlink, we need to create a profile and then submit our website URL in the profile.

Now that becomes the profile backlink.

Example of profile backlink below:

profile backlink

In profile backlink there is a chance of 90% no follow backlink and 10% do follow backlink. Profile Backlink is also an important backlink and easiest way to gain backlink.

Blog Commenting

Many people think blog commenting is black hat SEO because blog commenting is very effective and ranks any article higher than you think . If you got blog commenting from the higher authority site then it is sure that your post will be seen on top 50 easily than you think.

In my opinion, blog commenting isn’t a black hat I will tell it a grey hat. Because as many blogger use blog commenting to rank the post. Even the higher authority site use blog commenting.

So blog commenting is legit and another effective way of developing the backlink.

To make blog commenting you need to find the similar topic website to your  article then comment on that site with your URL and post URL.

Guest Posting

Guest Posting is another effective way to get the do follow backlinks. Many people or bloggers or website owners only focus on guest posting because this method helps to increase the authority of the website as well as traffic.

As we got dofollow backlink from a guest post we also gain link juice which probably increase your Domain Authority.


Forms are another source of the backlink. There are a lot of forms like Reddit, Quora, and many more where you can discuss. Here informs also there is a high chance to get the do follow backlinks.

But here in forms also we get the many no follow backlinks and forms are rich in increasing your traffic.

Directory Submission or Article Submission

There is a lot of websites that are made only for small article submission. According to me this directory submission site are mostly do follow link providers.

Social Bookmarking

I know you are one of the users of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Those social site which already has higher authority are social bookmarking site.

Can I make a backlink on Facebook?

Yes, you can make a backlink from any social bookmarking site.

Social bookmarking sites are the source of the traffic as well as signal to the google that your site must rank on google search. One of the easiest ways to create backlink is social bookmarking.

Web 2.0                                                     

Web 2.0 is another powerful source of backlink. Here on web 2.0, there are many types of opinions. Some say blackhat SEO or some whitehat SEO.But I think web 2.0 is whitehat SEO because it is working and I didn’t get any harm using web 2.0.

Web 2.0 is a blogging platform where you need to make a new website in their own subdomain. For example,,, and many more.

On web 2.0 you don’t need anyone for a backlink , you can generate yourself as many as you want.

.Edu Backlink

All links from both do follow and nofollow from the .edu sie is known as edu backlinks. In my tutorial I am giving you, 70% no follow and 30% are dofollow.Edu backlinks have their own importance because Edu site increases the trust rate of your site.

.gov Backlinks

There are different governmental websites and if you got a chance to get backlinks from those websites then your site ranking will be increasing higher than you think. The trust rate to your website will also increase if you got a backlink from the .gov website.

I will teach you how to get .gov backlinks also.

From Google

I think if you work smarter there are different ways or tricks that you can get both do follow and no follow backlinks from the Google itself. I will share this trick in my backlink or link building series.

In my link-building or backlink tutorial, we will be going to work on the routine basic.

Link-Building or off page SEO Routine

First Week

Sunday: Profile backlink 
Monday: Guest Posting backlink
Wednesday: Buying
Thursday: Social Bookmarking
Friday: Article Submission
Saturday: Profile Backlink

Second Week

Sunday: Profile backlink 
Monday: Forum
Tuesday: Web2.0
Wednesday: Profile Backlink
Thursday: Social Bookmarking
Friday: Blog Commenting
Saturday: Profile Backlink

Third Week

Sunday: Google backlink 
Monday: Article Submission backlink
Wednesday: Forms
Thursday: Social Bookmarking Backlinks
Saturday: Profile Backlink



1. Are Backlinks still important?

-Yes, backlinks matter a lot. For high grown-up site, backlinks work as the voting system. That means a site that has huge quality backlinks get higher on google ranking.

2. How do I create backlinks?

-You can create backlinks from different profile making websites, guest posting, blog commenting, forums, and many more types of websites.


These are not only methods of doing off-page SEO for bloggers, but there are also a lot of link-building strategies. For more link-building strategy follow me and my blog.


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