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On keyword Research Technique I will go to show you how I increase my ranking on Google within a week. Yes, I work for low competition keywords usually longtail keywords and ranking start within a week.  

Keyword Research Technique for beginners

keyword Research will be the best option to rank higher on google. As the competition is tough and it is very difficult to see your site on the first page of google until and unless you are doing the wrong techniques.

What is the keyword research technique?

After getting a  keyword where you going to write an article on it, you must find the long tail keyword using some SEO tools. After finding long tail keyword look for the top 10 sites ranking on that keyword especially for those sites which DA PA is low are ranking o not. But before I tell you all about the keyword research technique, let’s start from basics.

Types of keyword according to size

1.Short Tail Keyword.
2.Medium Range Keyword.
3.Long Tail Keyword.

Short Tail Keyword

That Keyword consists of few words. One to Four words are Short Tail Keywords. If you are a beginner and your site is not well established then just ignore for Short Tail Keyword. Especially a website or a blog having a huge fan base works on short tail keyword because they have higher authority in Google as well as gain more traffic from their followers and social media.

Some features of Short Tail Keywords:-
High Volume of Traffic.
High competitions.
High CPC.
High OnPage and OffPage difficulty.
Easy to find.

Note: Only for higher authority sites.

2.Medium Range Keyword

Medium Rage Keywords are those keywords that are in-between Four – Six words. Here for a beginner, there is a 50-50 chance to rank on Gooogle. A site having DA 20-40 is ranking well in a medium-range keyword.

Medium Volume or traffic between 10K-100K
Medium Onpage and Offpage difficulty.
High CPC.
Competition may high.
A little bit hard work to find.

3.Long Tail Keyword

Keyword Research Technique for beginners

Long Tail Keywords are those keyword having Five to the above words. Here beginners need to focus because on short tail there is only a 10% chance to rank and on medium-range 50% chances to rank. But on long tail keyword, you have a 90%+ chance to rank on google.

I need to explain long tail keyword more. 

How to find long tail keywords?         

 To find long tail keyword you can use as it gives many different keyword . And use chrome extension like a surfer. Also, you can use related searches at the button of google search.

After finding long tail keyword check for keyword difficulty and competitions.

Focus Keyword 

The focus keyword will be your long tail keyword. According to me, you should use .5% to 1% in your post. The focus keyword must be in the title tag and permalink. Thus, the focus keyword had a great role.

Sub Keyword

These are the keywords that you can use to rank on multiple keywords. This keyword are really helpful to rank on a different keyword on google in different positions. You can find sub keywords on the search results and on different SEO tools also. This type of keyword should be used single times on the post.

Keyword Density

Keyword density represents the percentage of the keywords you should use on the post. Many people have their own thoughts. So for me, I will say .5% to 1%. That means you can use focus keyword 5 to 10 times in your 1000 word post.

Keyword Golden Ratio

Keyword Golden Ratio helps to find out is there possible to rank on google using the focus keyword or not? Most professional beginners as well as the well developed or established site use the keyword golden ratio to rank on google.

To calculate keyword golden ratio you need to use “allintitle:” your keyword” at the top see search result and now divide search results with your search volume.

After dividing, if the result is

<0.25       Great                    90% Chance to rank.
.25<1.00   50-50 condition   50% chance to rank .
1.00<         Hard                   Low chance to rank.

Here using KGR technique we can rank on top 50 within 24 hours.

Don’t Competit 

We don’t need to run on competitions so using long tail keyword . There is high probability to rank on google easily. These are some best practices that I found on the internet as well as I personally use this Keyword Research Technique for beginners to rank on google.


I hope you like my post and my post will be helpful for you. Leave a comment if you like my keyword research technique and share it to your friends as well.


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