How to use mobile browser for pc

How to use mobile browser for pc

When you are web developer but don’t have enough devices for designing then i am sure you need different browser size or dimension today i am going to talk about one of the chrome extension which will help you for this problem.
Let’s start 
Step1:Go to the link below and you redirect to this extension.

Click me for extension

Step2:Click on “Add toChrome”.

Step3:Click on “Add extension”.

Step4: Click on that “m” icon at the top.

Stwp5:Click on “Test Page”.


Now,you see this menu.

Step6:Now,click on the your required size screen.


Done look below.Congratulation you got mobile browser emulator. :-

 Well now you can test your designed web-page or your site in different platform without going to google developer option and at last i teach you how to use mobile browser emulator.




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