how to take backup of your blogger

How to take backup of your blogger?

Actually,i am testing different theme on my blogger and i got trouble that i make a mixed theme and at last i got error.So sad i lost all customization of my blogger .So taking backup will not take many times.So anyway taking blogger backup is best idea.

First,take backup of theme/template

I was editing my theme but changing many theme my whole widgets code became hard to edit and site became trash.So in this condition i may have to delete blog but before dancing or kidding with html of your blogger,take a backup of your theme.

Let’s start i didn’t wanted to waste your time.
Yes,you heard right you can take a backup of your well edited theme.To do that what you need to follow is.

Step1:Go to Blogger.


Step2:Go to “Theme”.
Now this steps for “New Blogger”.
Step3:Click on three dots.

Step4:Click on “backup”.
Step5:Click on “download”.
Now for old blogger,follow this steps.

Step3:Now you see “Backup/restore”,click that .

Step4:Click on “download”.
Step5:Take a backup and file will downloaded to your pc.
Well,we successfully create a theme/template backup in blogger.

What would you do if you accidentally delete whole post in blogger?

So,even deleting it you can recover it if you index your site in google but you are thinking how to take backup of post and pages,then you are at the right place.Backup blogger with these steps.

Let’s start tutorial.Follow me:-

Step1:Go to “Blogger”.

Step2:Click “Setting”.

Step3:Then click on”Other”.

Step4:Click on “Backup Content”.

Step5:Cick on “Save to your computer”. successfully create your backup files of your content.:)

Finally i teach you how you can create blogger backup within 2 minutes.


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