how to take backup of theme template in blogger

How to take backup of theme/template in blogger?

I was editing my theme but changing many theme my whole widgets code became hard to edit and site became trash.So in this condition i may have to delete blog but before dancing or kidding with html of your blogger,take a backup of your theme.

What if you change template without backup of template.So learn how to take backup of theme/template in blogger within 2 minutes within 2 clicks.

Let’s start i didn’t wanted to waste your time.

Yes,you heard right you can take a backup of your well edited theme.To do that what you need to follow is.

Step1:Go to Blogger.

Step2:Go to “Theme”.

Now this steps for “New Blogger”.

Step3:Click on three dots.

Step4:Click on “backup”.

Step5:Click on “download”.

Now for old blogger,follow this steps.
Step3:Now you see “Backup/restore”,click that .

Step4:Click on “download”.

Step5:Take a backup and file will downloaded to your pc.

Well,we successfully create a theme/template backup in blogger.


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