Many of us are YouTubers, motivators, guider and our main weapon is Microphone or mic. But while we are recording, background noise is our main villain. Learn how can you remove background noise from the mic in pc using a single free software.

how to remove background noise from the mic in pc

I had tried more than 5 software but I really see on software that is really working and one of the effective software to cancel noise in pc.

I would like to introduce the best microphone background noise filter software, Krisp. Yes, I found that this computer software really cancels the background noise at an extreme level without any sound deflection.

Process To Install Krisp

Step 1:Download Krisp

At first, you need to go to the Krisp Official Website, and download Krisp.
Note: Use below download button to get 1 month free Pro Plan.

remove background noise mic

Step 2:Install Krisp

Install Krisp In Your PC. After downloading the Krisp, you can install it in your pc.

Step 3:Setup Krisp

Now, you need to sign in in Krisp. After Sign In, now turn on “Remove Noise” like below when you need to do recording: 

how to remove background noise in microphone pc

Step 4:Pc Setup

After that follow the below steps in the picture to make Krisp as the default microphone.

noise cancelation pc
Step 1

remove noise while recording pc
Step 2

noise cancelling for windows
Step 3

Step 5:Recording Setup

Now, open your recording program or software then select Krisp as your microphone like an image below:
Note: I am using Bandicam.

krisp noise cancelling software
Bandicam Setup

Setup is done. Now test if working or not? For me, it is working fine.


I personally use this software and I am very happy as my room is in front of the road and many background noise like vehicle horn disturbs. Thus, Krisp helps me to remove background noise from mic in Pc.


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