how to register domain in nepal

How to register domain registration in Nepal the full process for domain name registration in Nepal and this free domain name registration

Well, taking domain is not hard .just follow my step you can get it easily. I already connect my gaming blog and reviewer blog.

Youtube tutorial:-

Let’s start with the process.

Documents required:-

  • Citizenship photos (Front and Back )
  • Or passport photo.
  • And cover letter.

Step1: Go to Nepal’s official .np Domain Registration

Step2: Click “User Login”
Step3: Click on “Create User”.
Step4: Fill the form and “Create account”.
Step5: Check mail if not found then  “Spam” Folder.
Step6: Click on “Verify” to verify.

Step7: Return to registration and “Sign In”.

Step8: Now, Choose your domain and search.

Note: Domain must be similar to your document’s name but a little bit edit is accepted. 

Step9: Congratulation you got your domain Now “Register”.
Step10: Put your name-server. IF you wanna connect to cloud-flare and then to blogger, then use this name-server below:

Cloudflare DNS

Step11: Fill the form according to the document.

Setp12:  Now check “Copy administrative contact”.

Step13: Click “Save & Continue”.
Step14: Citizenship front photo, back photo and save image.

Note: Maximum size is 800kb so you need to compress image, Click me to learn how to compress the image.
Step15: As I mentioned above we need cover letter but according to my experience new citizenship doesn’t require, I approved 3 domains without cover-letter but on old citizenship it needs cover-letter.Here is a demo and click me to download the cover-letter.

Note: You need to take a screenshot of the cover-letter.

For Windows 10 use “Snip & Sketch” but for other users search “Prt Scr” on the window and open paint and paste thei crop and save it.

For making digital signature like above Click Me.

Step16: Attach all files citizenship front and back photo and cover-letter.
Step17: Click on “Register Domain”.
Now your domain is submitted for approval it will take 1 or more than i1 day for approval.

Note: If you got rejected then try again and again you will surely get the approved domain.

Well friends this is the process, follow this process and get the approved domain.

For connecting this domain to blogger Click Me.


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