how to get care emoji in facebook

How to get care emoji in facebook (stepwise process)

Facebook release two emoji in Facebook and messenger officially but the problem is that this care emoji are only release for developed country and they are using easily without doing any thing but what in other countries.I think you all can get care emoji easily without doing anything after someday but for now i will show you a trick from where you can get care emoji easily with these simple process.

Get care emoji in facebook if  you are using computer.

Let’s get started.

Step1: Look i don’t have care emoji now in my facebook.

Step2: I get logout from facebook.

Step3: Download any vpn extension to your chrome browser.In my case i am using vpn.

Step4: Now connect to “USA” using vpn.

Step5: Login to your facebook account.

Step6: Hurray,you get care emoji in less than 2 minutes.Enjoy.

Hmm.I don’t have computer then what to do ?Don’t worry i will show you step-wise process on android too.In my case i am facebook lite and i am facebook lite user.

Llet’s get started

Step1: Look in my facebook lite there is no care emoji.Uninstall it .

Step2: Download Turbo VPN or you can use any vpn app from playstore.

Step3: Connect to “USA” using vpn.

Step4: Open playstore and download facebook lite.

Step5: After sucessfull download login and see the magic.You got care emoji to your facebook.

Step5: Disconnect vpn and show care emoji to your friends :)😎😎

Yes,i show you all the steps to get care emoji to your facebook.


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