I recently updated my windows 10 2015 to windows 2021 and find that my external speakers, as well as a headset, aren’t working on my pc. So today I will share with you how I fixed external speakers not working Windows 10.

The steps are very simple. Please note that this tutorial only fixes the windows 10 sound problem after the update. So maybe it won’t work for all users.

Why External Speakers not working in Windows 10  After Update?

Actually, this problem occurs when you update from the old version of Windows 10 to the latest version. Or if you recently install windows 10 on your pc you may get this problem. This problem occurs because of the driver. For the external speakers, it needs an audio or sound driver. So even updating a driver won’t fix this problem because it needs a special sound driver.

And Realtek is that audio or sound driver. So we install Realtek sound driver and fix this problem.


Video Tutorial


Fix External Speakers Not Working in Windows 10

Here are the steps to fix the external speaker not working in Windows 10 or in any windows.


Step 1: Download Realtek Driver

First, go through the link below and download the audio driver.

Link: {getButton} $text={Sign Up} $icon={link} $color={royalblue}

external speakers not working in windows 10

Note: Choose the driver of your computer architecture. Either 64 bit or 32 bit. 

Step 2: Install Driver

After downloaded is completed now install that audio driver on your pc.

fix external speakers not working in windows 10


Step 3: Restart And Enjoy

After installing the driver just restart your pc and boom after restarting now sound is working on external speakers. As well as now you can choose the sound option on sound settings too.

fix external speakers not working in windows 10 after update



Finally, we successfully fixed the external speakers or headset not working issues in windows 10. Comment below if this method works for you or not and don’t forget to follow us for more information and fixes like this.


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