how to check processor in pc

Someone ask about your processor species and you don’t know then check my blog how to check processor species processor speed processor name

How to check processor in pc?I will help you to check your processor in less than 1 minute.Just follow me.


If you are thinking what is processor ? then the answer is processor is brain of computer and i am sure without processor computer won’t work.So processor is the most important component of the computer.

What is Processor?
If you don’t know about processor then i will tell you processor is the microchip component that helps in overall function of the computer .Processor is inside the cpu cooling fans so it will be harder to see without taking out CPU cooling fans.It looks like below:


 check processor in pc

OK guys i don’t wanted to waste your time and let’s start with step wise process.😎in less than 1 minutes.

Step1: Go to your “Recycle Bin” and right click and click on “properties”.

 check processor in pc

Step2: Find “My PC” or “My computer” and right click on it then click on “properties”.

How to check processor in pc

Done.Look below image you can find your speed and processor full name.

Finally,i teach you how to check processor type name as well as its speed easily in 1 minutes.If you like our blog subscribe follow us.


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