how to add faq schema in blogger
Thinking how to add faq in blogger, then you are in the right place. Add FAQs schema for blogger easily with a stepwise process. After Google announced that anyone can add schema data to their website, FAQs schema becomes popular as FAQs schema helps in both increasing traffic and ranking on google.
FAQS Schema
FAQs schema or Frequently asked question schema is approved by google after the update on the schema. Now, you can manually add any schema to your website as well as you can rank well by using this schema.
One of the most popular schema is FAQs Schema or FAQs Page.
Yes, you heard right FAQs schema falls under the technical SEO, and FAQs schema helps your site to rank first #1st on google as well as increase your site looks on google.
FAQs snippet is shown below. You can clearly see my site is taking a lot of spaces on the first page of google which represents your site’s SEO is better than others and your site falls under the rich results.

FAQs snippet in blogger
FAQs snippet


FAQs Schema For Traffic

By adding FAQs Schema in blogger you are also boosting your traffic also. On Google search console you may see your analytics of FAQs.You can see impressions, clicks on the FAQs section.

Important of FAQs Schema for blogger

  • Looks unique in Google SERP.
  • Occupy more spaces on Google Search results.
  • It helps your visitors to solve frequently asked questions (FAQs).
  • Your site falls on rich results.
  • High chance to rank on the First Page of Google.
  • For more information, you can see Google’s view.

How to add FAQs Schema on Blogger Post?

Let’s start our process to add FAQs schema to your blogger post so that you will rank well.
Many people think adding FAQs Schema is likely to add FAQs widget in blogger posts. But the reality is that blogger is a blogger and WordPress is WordPress.Thus, till now there isn’t any FAQs schema plugin in blogger.
Shit, there isn’t a single plugin for blogger.

Video Tutoria

Add FAQs schema in blogger 

Step 1
Go to the website, link below. You redirect to these types of interfaces or webpage. Actually, this is the Schema data generator tool. Click on “SEO TOOLS”.
Link: Click Me
FAQs Page for blogger
Step 2
Now Click on “GO TO TOOL”.
FAQs schema for blogger
Step 3

Now, click on the options section and then select “FAQ Page”.
FAQs schema for blogger
Click On Option
FAQs for blogger
Step 4

Then, write your questions and answer related to your topic.

FAQs for blogger
Write Questions and Answers

Step 5

After that, you can add more questions by clicking “+ ADD QUESTIONS”.

add FAQ for Blogger
To add questions

Note:Best practices is to write 3-4 questions and 2-3 line answers.

Step 6

Then at the side, you will see the copy button click that button and then return back to the blogger dashboard.

add FAQ for Blogger
To Copy Code

Step 7

At last, go to the HTML section and paste the code at the end of your article. 

How to add FAQs in Blogger
Paste Code At End Of Article

Done. You successfully add frequently asked questions or FAQs page in blogger. 

Small Note: You should write the same answer on your article also in the FAQs section.

How to add FAQ in Blogger
Same FAQs to blogger post

Test FAQ Page 

You can test your FAQ schema on rich results test link below.


1. Is FAQs Page important for SEO?
Answer: Yes, FAQs Page is important for SEO as FAQs snippet is shown on Google. As FAQs Page occupies space in the Google Page, FAQs Page may become a ranking factor.

2. How to add faq in blogger?
Answer: To add faq in blogger you need to use the third party website and make script then paste script to your blogger post.

3. How to add faqs for the website?
Answer: FAQ can be added on the website using some third-party website which provides script that you need to place at your article as well as for WordPress users you can get different plugins.



Today you learn how to add FAQs Page or schema in blogger within a few minutes. If you missed technical SEO for blogger like a table of contents for blogger then you can find in my previous article. Hope you like my article about how to add faq in blogger.


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