skip google adwords first campaign trick

We all heard about Google Adword and we also heard that Google Adword is not only the platform where we can advertise your product but the main best free uses of the Google Adword is also to get free keyword research. Yes, free keyword research on Google adword but I know you all stuck at the point of google Adwords first campaign. Yes, I also know you are in my article to learn google Adwords skip the first campaign.

I don’t want to waste your time on the description but some of this guide may help to understand the Google Adword briefly. Let’s start our tutorial to skip google adword first campaign.

Google Adword

Google Adword is one of the best products of Google and Google Adword is used by many people for growing their business as well as advertising their business. On the other hand, Google Adword become the best free and the most powerful keyword research tool for us.

What are some features of Google Adword?

  • The one and only main features of Google Adword is to advertise your products all over the world in a very low budget.
  • Another is the keyword planner for us.
  • You get a free keyword research tool.
  • Many more.

What problem you are facing on accessing Google Adword keyword planner?

➡You easily get signup but you cannot skip the first campaign. Most people suffer from this problem but I got a solution from that you can easily skip Google Adword first campaign to use keyword planner.

How to skip Google Adword first campaign?

✔To skip google Adword first campaign you need to follow my steps.

I already waste some time on talks. Let’s get started with the step-wise process.

Step1: Go to the link below or search on Google “Google Adword”.

Link: Click Me

Google Adwords Skip First Campaign

Step2: Click on “Start Now” and signup on Google Adword.

Google Adwords Skip First Campaign

Step3: Now here is our big problem we need to bypass the campaign without filling any details.Now on this screen click on “switch to expert mode”

Google Adwords Skip First Campaign

Step4: Now click on “Create an account without a campaign.

Google Adwords Skip First Campaign

Step5: Then,hit “Submit”.

Google Adwords Skip First Campaign

Step6: Congratulations you skip campaign.Click on Explore your account. 

Google Adwords Skip First Campaign

Step7: Enjoy keyword planner for free.

Google Adwords Skip First Campaign


How to skip Google Adword first campaign ?
Answer:Go to Google Adword then Start Now and then switch to expert mode then to the Create an account without a campaign.

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Today, we learned Google Adwords Skip First Campaign easily in few steps.Enjoy blogging. 😁😁


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