get free domain for blogger

Get Free Domain For Blogger

You can get a free domain for 1 year at for your blogger. Just a few steps will connect you to the blogger’s “” to your choice.
What you need?
  1. Website at
  2. Account at
  3. And my free guide.

Let’s Get started with simple steps.

Step1: Go to the on your browser.

Step2: Click Sign in at the top of the tab on the right side.Signup there with the Google.

Step3: After successfully sign in you are redirected to this home screen

Step4: At the button of the website there are lot of option,click “Register a new domain”.

Step5: Now type a new domain letter what you like and must be the unique one.I put mine and click Check availability 🙂

Step6: Congratulation!!!Your domain is valid and ready for your blogger.

Step7: Now which domain you like the most choose and click get now.

Step8: Now you got green light.

Step9: Now at the button click on the checkout option.

Step10: Select 12 months option for longer use.

Step11: Now fill the forms correctly and you are done and click “complete order”.


Note:Well!!We have finished the domain availability step easily.

Step13: Now move forward to your blogger at

Step14: On sidebar at last you will see the “settings” click on it.

Step15: Click on “setup third-party url for your blog”

Step16: Put the last domain name from freenom as shown in the image.

Step17: Now click save then you will see like this. Don’t worry, now within a few steps, your domain will be activated.

Step18: Don’t close the blogger tab just go to the freenom again to complete linking the domain.

Step19: Click on my domain at the footer.

Step20: On this page, click on the “Manage Domain”.

Step30: Now, click on “Manage Freenom DNS”.

Step31: Click 4 times on +More Records to add four sections.

Step32: Fill the form as on the image.

Step33: Now, again add two sections by clicking on “+More Records” and Fill the form from from the previous page.

Step24: Well, all settings are done. Now again move to the bogger.

Step25: On blogger Click on save.
Hurry you got a domain for free.
Test your domain.

Which is 100% working. 🙂

NOTE: Change “A” to “CNAME


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