how to take backup of post in blogger?

How to take backup of post in blogger

How to take backup of post in blogger? What would you do if you accidentally delete whole post in blogger? So,even deleting it you can recover it if you index your site in google but...
how to take backup of your blogger

How to Take Backup of Your Blogger

How to take backup of your blogger? Actually,i am testing different theme on my blogger and i got trouble that i make a mixed theme and at last i got error.So sad...
how to add automatic table of contents in blogger post

How to add Table of content in blogger [ 2 Methods ]

Table of content in blogger helps visitors to go to the exact point rather than reading a whole post which may save your visitors' time as well as your article looks...

Best Feedburner Alternative for Blogger 2022

FeedBurner is going to expire in July 2021 according to the blogger notice. So what will going to happen to the subscriber and how can we make another system like a...

How To Check The Domain Age Of .Com.Np

 I am sure normally you can't check the domain age of you check any site on da checker or any domain age checker tools all domain age will show.    But when...

How To Add Mp3 Audio Files On Blogger [ Updated ]

Adding mp3 files or audio files on blogger isn't hard. Well on the previous method to add mp3 audio files to blogger we had use but now you may get...

10 Best Ways to Make Money Blogging

 In this article, we won't prevaricate, I'll give you right away what you want and need right now. Maybe you've already taken the plunge and are looking for ways to make money...
how to upload audio file or mp3 to blogger

How to upload mp3 on blogger [ 2 Methods ]

Blogger is one of the CMS platforms but there are a lot of drawbacks on blogger. You cannot upload an audio file or an mp3 file on the blogger. But today...
how to install yoast seo plugin in blogger

How to install wordpress on localhost xampp

Install WordPress on localhost xampp step by step process. Learn how to install WordPress on localhost xampp within few steps. WordPress WordPress is a big CMS platform having billions of users. Yes, Wordpress becomes...
how to remove blogger footer credit without redirecting

How to remove footer credit in blogger and fix redirect

Remove copyright section and redirect to theme designer site then check how to remove footer credit in blogger without any redirect to blogger Yes, I join blogger and wanted to make blogger website professional...

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