Digital Marketing is rapidly growing in Nepal. Blogging is one of the important parts of digital marketing and many newbies, as well as beginners, have doubts that “can I get adsense approval on a website having nepali language“. 

Also, some people are also thinking of creating a website in the Nepali language and applying for Adsense to monetize their website or blog. Yes, Google Adsense is one of the greatest advertising networks but you should know that to show google advertisements on your website language also matters.
Yes, you heard right. There is a list of supported languages that the only website having supported language can run Google Advertisement and earn from Google Adsense.

can i get adsense approval in website having nepali language

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Google Adsense 

Google Adsense is the No 1 Ad Network for both publishers and advertisers. The simplicity of the Google Adsense as well as the one of the trusted ad network, Adsense is favorite ad network for many bloggers.

Google Adsense & Nepali Language

Although there is a list of supported languages, the Nepali language isn’t on that list of supported languages. Simply, I want to tell you that you won’t get adsense approval in a website/blog having a Nepali language. So if you are planning to make a nepali language content website or blog and get adsense approval then you should change your plan.
You can even check a list of languages that supports google adsense below.
get adsense approval in website having nepali language


list of supported language


adsense approval in website blog having nepali language

Alternatives To Adsense In Nepal

If you are still wanted to start a website in Nepali language then you can go for the local advertisements as an alternative. Yes,you may see many news website use local advertisement.

Local Advertisement

Local Advertisements are those advertisements you offer to local companies or if your blog/website has huge traffic, companies will offer for the advertisement places on the basic of commissions.


1.Can I get Adsense Approval on nepali language blog/website?
Answer: No, currently nepali language isn’t supported for the Adsense publisher. So you can’t get google adsense approval in nepali language blog/website.
2.What are the alternatives of Google Adsense For Nepali Blog/Website?
Answer: If you really wanted to make nepali blog/website and run advertisements then you can go for local advertisements.


I think I cleared all of your doubts about adsense approval in website or blog having nepali language. Comment below if you still have any confusion and questions


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