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Buy do-follow backlinks in Nepal easily and fastly. Nepal first established a website providing relevant do-follow backlinks. You get do-follow backlinks as lower as rs 20 per 1 do-follow link.


Link building is one of the important things for bloggers as well as websites all over the world. Link-building helps to increase your website authority as well as the trust of the website on google.


According to my definition backlinks are those like your website to a higher authority site or any other website. And for me backlinks works as voting, if you have a high quality of backlinks in your site then there is a high chance of getting on top 10 results of Google.


Let’s compare three different topics or Niches.

Multiniche or Multitopic

If your blog or your blog topic had many topics like health, tech, games, reviewer, and much other comparatively your competition is high to rank on google. 

So you need a lot of backlink. Thus link-building is more important for your website and many multi-niche site owners hire SEO Experts in Nepal to rank their website.

Niches or Topics

The second one is niches or topic, that means you are working on a single niche or single topics.For example, I am working on this site niche-based topic as tech. You only going to find tech-related topics on this site.

If your website falls under this category then you need comparatively fewer backlinks than multiniche but more than microniches.

Microniches or Micro topic

If you are working on only a single sub-topic keyword that is on your domain too then you can even rank on 0 backlinks. For example, in this blog, I have different sub-topic, if  “SEO” is one of the keyword having low competition then I will buy domain “” and write all SEO related topics.

Here I only need a few backlinks or off-page SEO for my site.

Buy do-follow backlinks in Nepal

Today’s blog is about getting paid do-follow backlinks to your website. Before getting started our tutorial I would like to present some points you should remember before starting link-building.

Points to remember before you buy backlink

  • Check the domain authority DA of the site you taking backlink.
  • Check the Page Authority PA of the site you taking backlink.
  • Check Spam Score SS of the site you taking backlink.
  • Check Domain Rating DA of the site you are taking backlink.
  • Check Url Rating UR of the site you are taking backlink.
  • Check monthly traffic of the site you are taking backlink.
  • Check traffic trends of the site you are taking backlink.
  • Don’t take backlink from the site having a spam score higher than 5%.
  • Try to find your niche related site.
  • Take backlink from the top 100 words or from 1 or 2nd paragraph of site.
  • Put a keyword on the anchor text of your site. 
After you check all the points above now time to make backlinks

Use SEO tools like DA Checker and DR Checker.
And to check traffic using SEMRUSH.


Nepal’s No one backlink provider website where you can buy as well as sell backlink.

Blinkflow offers different category website where you can buy backlinks with esewa cash.

As always I guide with the live or practical way, now in this tutorial also I will guide you in a practical way.

Let’s go through the step wise process:

Step 1

Go to the link below and signup for free.
Link: Blinkflow

Then you can search for the cheap do follow backlink provider according to your niche.


You can top up blinkflow account using esewa and many more payment options. For top-up you need to inform the admin of the website and you can directly contact admin from this blinkflow official page.

Well, you can buy backlinks from other international sites also but as a Nepali platform I recommend blinkflow and I personally use blinkflow for my blog also.

Benefits of Blinkflow

  • 100% Trusted.
  • 24/7 hours support. They reply within 15-30 minutes.
  • Handle each and every problem of clients.
  • Different types of categories of the site.
  • If the link removed they refund.
  • All Nepalese Site.

Demerites of Blinkflow

  • Grown-Up Sites make their price very high. So, you can buy more than 30 backlinks at the same price on an international website.
  • Comparatively low numbers of websites.



1. Can I buy backlink in Nepal?
Answer: Yes, you can buy backlinks in Nepal using the backlink provider website like blinkflow.  

2. How to buy do follow backlinks with esewa?
Answer: Visit Blinkflow and then top up your blinkflow account using Facebook blinkflow page then buy relevant do follow backlinks for your site.


I recommend blinkflow if you want to buy do follow backlink in Nepal as you can pay through the esewa and you can choose the site yourself. But buying backlinks is only necessary if you don’t have time to make yourself.


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