Blogger Adsense Approval Trick worked for me and this is one of the legit and fastest ways to approve your website on AdSense. You will see the earnings section on blogger that “how to qualify for AdSense”.

Let’s solve the problems and let me share the AdSense approval tips that I followed and work for me. If you have a doubt why is my blogger not eligible for Adsense then this article for you.


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Blogger Adsense Approval Tricks That Worked For Me

Here are some of the tricks and tips I followed before submission of sit on google. These tips and tricks may help you.

Quality Contents

adsense approval tricks

Your content must be the high quality. I will give some ideas about it while writing an article. Here are some points:-

  • Write a unique article.
  • Do good research and write quality articles.
  • Write a long article at least 1000 + words article.


Domain Age

how to check website for adsense approval

While applying for AdSense we forget that to apply your website must be 2 months old. If you are using you need 2 months but if you are using the domain you need a minimum of 4 months. And in the custom domain also you can only get approval with a high-class domain.

Here are some points you need to remember:
  • Choose a high-class domain.
  • Your domain age must be 2 months for a custom domain and 4 months for. Blogspot domain.

Important Pages

how to get google adsense approval in 1 minute

You need to add important pages like “About Us”, “Contact Us”, “Terms and Conditions”, “Piracy and Policy”, “Disclaimer”.
Don’t know how to add learn here.
Some points on pages:-
  • You need to add all the important pages.
  • Pages help to look at your site professional.

Social Plugin

blogger adsense approval trick

Many themes had a social plugin so all links need to be filled with your personal profile in all the social plugin.

Points to remember:
  • Open all accounts on social plugins then connect to your blog.
  • Don’t leave even the top social widget.

SEO and Adsense Friendly Template

Many of us choose a template that we like but you need to remember the template you use must be the latest and SEO friendly as well as Adsense Friendly. As a blogger is made only for the blogging purpose you need to choose a clean sheet template that means no extra designs.

Note: Choosing the wrong template is also the reason that your site is not approved.

Points to remember:
  • You need to choose SEO and Adsense Friendly Template.
  • Your template must have page section for “about us “, “contact us”, etc.
  • You need to choose a clean sheet template.
  • Your template must have AdSense ads section and you must hide it before approval.

Footer Credit

Remove the footer credit if you don’t know how to remove and place your own then you can follow this article about removing footer credit.

Broken and Empty Links

blogger adsense approval trick

You should check if your blog post has broken links or not. Don’t know what is broken links?
Broken links are those links that don’t redirect the other page and have empty links. Empty links are those links you forget to put. You can check broken links with the help of SEO chrome extensions like SEO minions.
Pont to remember:
You must check your blog have 0 broken links.
You need to fix 404 links or empty links on your site.

Clean Navigation With Dropdown Menu

blogger adsense approval trick

Your navigation menu should be clean as well as you need to make category and put them into the navigation menu.

Submit site on Google search console

Your site must be submitted in the Google Search Console. You need to create valid robots.txt and then a valid sitemap and submit a sitemap to the Google Search Console. 
Don’t know how to create robots.txt follow this article about creating robots.txt for blogger and sitemap for blogger.

Indexed Site

Your all post need to be correctly indexed in Google. Don’t know your site is in Google or not?
Then type “”.


Actually, traffic also matters a lot. Even you choose an advertisement partner but your advertisement partner have 0 clients it isn’t profitable for you also. You don’t need Google Traffic or Organic traffic. 

If you are getting organic traffic then you got a higher chance of approval but even don’t have doesn’t matter. So you need to share your post on Facebook youtube but don’t drive traffic from the third-party view4view types of site.

Make Professionaal Looking

adsense approval trick

Finally, your blog site must look professional, your blog must have a “favicon” “logo” “about me” and avoid copyright image. Don’t know how to find copyright-free images, you can learn in this article.


You need to write 6 or 9 articles already and publish your site daily or in 2 days single article. You need to regularly publish the article. Show AdSense that you are regular and update and publish posts or articles regularly.

Few things to remember

You must write a 25+ long article that must have a unique article.
Don’t use a copyrighted image.
Make sure your site loads faster.
Submit site in Google Analytics.


1. How to approve AdSense account with blogger?
Answer: Using a clean template, adding needed pages, checking broken links, adding unique and quality content will be going to help you to get an approved AdSense account with blogger.

2. How to get google AdSense approval in 1 minute?
Answer: I don’t find tricks or methods or tips which may help you to get google AdSense approval in 1 minute but if you are doing hard work in your site google will approve your site. 

3. Which Blogger template is best for AdSense?
Answer: For now, in 2021 I will suggest using the OnePress blogger template or Kelly or other SEO friendly blogger template.

4. How much traffic required for AdSense approval?
Answer: Google AdSense doesn’t tell that traffic is needed for approval but I suggest at least 20 views per post and traffic coming from the good source.


I listed all the points that I followed before I submit the site on google AdSense. And these blogger adsense approval tricks are working for me now also. These are some tips and tricks I followed to get AdSense approval for the blogger site.


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