blogger adsense ads txt problem fixed

Are you suffering from blogger Adsense ads.txt problem? If yes, then today’s tutorial is for fixing the blogger adsense ads.txt problem in stepwise process.

Ads.txt comes when you failed to place a tracking code from Google Adsense. You will lose some clicks and some impressions if you don’t use ads.txt.So better to fix this problem in a few steps.

Normally, this occurs when you got approval from adsense but you didn’t place the ads.txt in your blogger settings.

Blogger Adsense ads.txt Problem

Let’s move forward to the stepwise process to fix this problem.

Process fix Blogger Adsense ads.txt Problem

Step 1:Blogger Settings

Go to the blogger dashboard and then move forward to the settings.

Blogger Adsense ads.txt Problem fix

Step 2:Turn On Ads.txt

Now, you will see a list of settings. Scroll down and search for “Monetization”.Then click on enable custom ads.txt like below:

Blogger Adsense ads.txt Problem fixed

Step 3:Find Publisher Id

Now go to Google AdSense and find your publisher id also copy that id.

Blogger Adsense ads.txt Problem Solved

Blogger Adsense ads.txt Problem Solved

Step 4:Make Code

Now replace the publisher id with your in below:

Replace Code:, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 code-box

Step 5:Paste Code

Return to blogger and Click on Custom ads.txt and paste all code like below:

fix ads.txt adsense blogger problem

ads.txt adsense blogger problem
Second Step

Done you successfully solved ads.txt adsense blogger problem within 5 steps.

Video Tutorial


This is the best method to get rid of blogger adsense ads.txt problem and for other platforms like WordPress there are plugins or you can upload the ads.txt in your hosting I think. Comment below if this method is working for you or not? And don’t forget to share it with friends.


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