In this article, we won’t prevaricate, I’ll give you right away what you want and need right now.

Maybe you’ve already taken the plunge and are looking for ways to make money with a blog? Maybe you haven’t taken the plunge yet and are looking for ways to make money from blogging? 

10 Best Ways to Make Money Blogging

As per 2019 research done by G24i Agency, more than 81% of the total bloggers did not make at least $100 from blogging
Then here are 10 methods bloggers use to make money.

1. Using advertising and Google AdSense

It was the only way – at the time – to make money with a blog. Really, the only one. Today, few bloggers do it because it takes a lot of traffic to make a reasonable amount of money.
With today’s competition, few bloggers are opting for this option. Large blogs with more than 50,000 unique visitors at least do, however. It’s still relatively easy money, you might say. So why not do it?

2. Place Native Ads

It’s true that to make money with a blog, advertising is a difficult way. That said, there is now what is called native advertising.
Yes, you know what I’m talking about.
Unlike banner advertisements, native advertisements don’t look like advertisements, so they don’t use as much. They look like perfect organic items, for example. It’s when you see the titles in general that you realize that they are advertising items.

3. Getting paid for Sponsoring Items

As your blog grows, you can offer product placements or sponsored articles.
Personally, this is a method that I particularly appreciate, especially when you’re just starting out.
It’s frankly, a super-easy way to make money with your blog, believe me.
If you’re not familiar with this method yet, you should know that it’s when a brand pays you to write an article about its product or services.
Depending on the audience and the traffic you go, an article can be paid up to 1000 euros. Yes, yes…it can go much further even.
With enough traffic, the brands themselves will come looking for you to pay for a publication in your blog.
You can also register on platforms for brands to find you directly.

4. Be a Blogging Consultant

You can use your blog to make money and reputation in the digital world. You already know that maybe already.
You certainly have a skill that you can sell through your blog. It can be the fact that you are a marketing expert, a business consultant, a fundraising specialist, etc.
A blog is just the perfect way (in the sense of Medium) to sell skills online. You can write articles about your subject and show the mastery of your domain.
This is why many consultants and speakers choose the blog to talk about their expertise.
This is how they gain visibility and get invited to conferences etc.

5. Sell Advertising Space

So, it’s a method to make money with your blog that is very much used by bloggers. In fact, it consists of paying a blogger to talk about a particular service or product to his audience.
That said, it is much more expensive than just making a sponsored article for the simple reason that the conversion rates with an email are much higher.
It’s even better if you have a large subscriber list with fairly high engagement rates.

6. Sell your Blog to Companies

Yes, you know, there are people who are experts in this method. It’s all about creating blogs, in a good theme, building the design, and the foundations of the blog.
You can sell the blog at this stage, but it won’t be bought at a high price. Selling a blog is a much more profitable business if the blog already has some traffic. You can even sell it quite expensive to a company for example.
This is more suitable for entrepreneurs and those with a flair for bargains. Creating and reselling a blog is indeed not easy for everyone.

7. Making Affiliation

I’m sure you figured that I was late to put this method in. Yes, it’s normal, I wanted to keep the suspense alive!
It’s clearly my favorite method and it’s for example with the affiliation that I live comfortably from my blogs.
It’s one of the best-known ways to make money with your blog and one of the most used by bloggers.
It simply consists of earning commissions on the products you sell.

8. Start Your Coaching Sessions

As you become an expert in blogging, you get a huge number of followers in your blog and you may earn from guest posts, sponsored, and local advertisements.
This is especially true if you have a rare skill or if you can solve an urgent problem. Once you have created your blog, you can start offering coaching services.
As a coach, you can offer advice, consulting, or coaching sessions. Like, there are some bloggers who help other blogs and companies to get rank on search engines and also sell SEO Services as well.

9. Sell eBook or Online Training

As your authority and expertise grow, it makes sense to sell ebooks.
It is a method of making money with your blog that can have several advantages:
You bring value in a format that gives you the opportunity to do so (written and video). You generate passive income 
You create a certain authority over your personality.
Also, I would like to point out something: there is a tendency to want to sell ebooks from the start. However, we sell better and more when we already have a certain reputation in our field.

10. Start “Membership”

This little-known method is nevertheless widely used among Americans. In fact, it consists of charging a certain amount of your content to members who will subscribe to your offer on a monthly basis.
For example, with the Memberful site, you can easily create a member space.


So, with these 10 methods to make money from blogging, I think you have plenty of choices to make a living with your blog.


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