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Some best SEO chrome extensions before keyword research

There are a lot of chrome extensions in the google chrome for different purposes but we SEO chrome extension and I am going to list and describe some best SEO chrome extension you must have before keyword research.

Keyword Research

The research of keyword having low competition and low keyword difficulty as well as low on-page SEO and low off-page SEO required keyword having high CPC and the most important thing is about the search volume is keyword research.

Explanation on Video:-

What are things to be cared for before keyword research?

  • Right Keyword.
  • High Search Volume.
  • Low competitions.
  • Low keyword Difficulty.
  • High CPC.
  • Low On-Page SEO.
  • Low Off-Page SEO.
  • Good Trend on month.

According to my own list and experience, some best SEO chrome extension which helps on keyword research are:-


chrome seo extensions

MozBar is the first and my best chrome extension. MozBar helps to understand the competitions on that keyword and the site having high DA or low DA ranking as well as it helps to get our competitors ranking trends.

Some features:
Easy to find Domain Authority (DA) of any website.
Easy to find Page Authority (PA) of any website.
Easy to find the Spam Score of the website.
Easy to understand the competitor’s traffic trends.

Rating: 3.9-Star

Users: 600,000+

Good review: Very amazing

Drawbacks: There are a lot of bugs so it is better to turn off this extension and use this extension when needed.

Link: Click Me

2.SERPTrends SEO Extension

chrome seo extensions

SERPTrends SEO Extension helps to number your search keyword on google page search results. Actually, the main function of this chrome extension is to show which post or article rank for first and which decreased. This extension helps to track your keyword to your article.

Some features:
  • You can track your keyword to your article.
  • You can track your competitor rank higher or lower.
  • It helps to find your post rank by how many times or decrease in the ranking by how many times.
  • It also shows Facebook likes, Alexa rank, and similar web and many more functions.

Rating: 4.2-Star

Users: 10,000+

Good review: Excellent

Drawbacks: Minor bugs.

Link: Click Me

3.Keyword Surfer

chrome seo extensions

Keyword Surfer is my one of the favorite and best SEO chrome extension for me. Because this is the most powerful free keyword research extension. This chrome extension helps to find the related keyword as well as it shows your keyword search volume in the targeted country. I think you will love this chrome extension.

Some features:
  • Find related keywords.
  • Show a high volume keyword.
  • Show volume of keyword you search on targeted country.

Rating: 4.4-Star

Users: 1000,000+ 

Good review: It is a wonderful extension and best replacement of Keyword Everywhere. It gives accurate Search Volume of all required countries including the USA and also provides enough keyword ideas. All these are totally cost-free!!! Unbelievable.

Drawbacks: Show only targeted keyword.

Link: Click Me

4.SEO Minion

 best chrome seo extensions

SEO Minion is another awesome best seo tool chrome extension. This is my other favorite SEO chrome extension because I don’t need to go to a different website to analyze my competitor’s site I can analyze it using this extension easily.

Some features:
  • Analyze On-Page SEO.
  • Can find competitors meta title and heading.
  • Nightlight all links.
  • We can find out competitors use do-follow or no-follow links.
  • Check Broken Links
  • SERP Preview
Rating: 4.9-Star

Users: 1000,000+ 

Good review: It’s very useful. It provides you ample information on the basis of what we can easily devise some really great SEO strategies. Please remember, SEO ain’t a one day exercise; it’s a keep going activity like going to a gym on a daily basis. If you’re regular you gonna build muscles and the same goes for SEO. If you’re consistent in devising SEO strategies, you gonna get a very good Google ranking for your business.

Drawbacks: I cannot find it until now.😁

Link: Click Me

5.Page load time

 best chrome seo extensions

Page load time is another chrome extension who aim to show the competitor as well as your page loading time on normal internet access. If you don’t know then I will tell you that Google prefers a fast loading website while ranking. 

Some features:
  • Find loading speed of any website.
Rating: 4.6-Star

Users: 1000,000+ 

Good review: Is it possible to fetch the time by some other extension in the same browser?? I have my own extension i need to know what are page load times when my extension is installed, is it possible to install this extension side by side and communicate the values from this extension to my extension?

Drawbacks: I cannot find it until now.😁

Link: Click Me

6.Page Analytics (by Google)

 best seo chrome extensions

 Page Analytics (by Google) is another famous seo tool or chrome extension which helps to analyze your own website easily in the top bar of your website. It is very useful to improve the landing page of your site.

Some features:
  • Easy to find Pageview.
  • Easy to find the Bounce rate.
  • Easy to find unique visitors.
  • Easy to find a live realtime visitor.
Rating: 3.5-Star

Users: 7000,000+ 

Good review: “I have 4 analytics accounts with 4 different companies. Works only on one. Can’t pick which one. Most of the time doesn’t work even on the one that it is connected to. If those issues would be fixed would give a solid 5 stars”

Drawbacks: Lots of bugs.

Link: Click Me

7.SEO Word Count & Keyword Density

 best seo chrome extensions

SEO Word Count & Keyword Density is another seo chrome extension basically used to find keyword density and keyword percentage as well as word count of competitors website and your own website.

Some features:
  • Easy to find word count.
  • Easy to find keyword density.
  • Easy to find keyword percentages.
Rating: 3.5-Star

Users: 1,000+ 

Good review: “It’s a bit buggy but does the trick thanx 🙂

Drawbacks: Lots of bugs.

Link: Click Me

8.Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly for Chrome is not SEO extension but Grammarly will help you a lot with improving your grammar skills and correct your grammar. A perfectly formatted article will increase readability as well as make your article looks perfect.

Some features:
  • Easy to find grammar mistakes.
  • Easy to find wrong words.
Rating: 4.6-Star

Users: 1,000,000+ 

Good review:The only problem I have had is that it doesn’t always work, 4 stars!

Drawbacks: Sometimes it doesn’t work.

Link: Click Me
These are some famous as well as helping the best SEO Chrome extensions, which will be going to help you in many sectors of SEO. I hope you like my post.


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