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Top 4 best free screen recorders for pc 2022


Screen recorders are those types of software or programs that record or capture your computer screen. You can use this type of software to capture your computer screen and make videos. 

Now, in today’s blog, I’m going to be going over the top four best free screen recorders that are available right now. 

Whether you want to record your gameplay or make tutorial videos, I’m going over the pros and cons of each software.

There are going to be options available for both Windows and Mac users. And I made sure that none of these programs have any sort of watermarks or recording limits and you won’t need any sort of Special graphics card either.

best screen recorder for pc

Four Best Free Screen Recorder For Pc 2021

These programs aren’t ranked in any particular order:

1. Free Cam

best free screen recorder for pc


Free Cam is a very simple lightweight screen recorder; it also has some built-in editing functionality. You can record any custom area of your screen and then record the audio at the same time through an external microphone or just record the system audio.

Once you’re done recording your video, you can also make some edits within the program so you can trim the video, remove background noise or add a cursor highlight which is a very unique feature.

So if you’re making tutorial videos, this cursor highlight functionality can be very useful because it’ll make it very easy for your viewers to follow along with your screen recording

Free Cam is also very lightweight so you don’t need a super-powerful computer to run it and of course, there are no watermarks or time limits.

As the system requirements of Free Cam aren’t high. Free Cam is one of the best free screen recorders for low-end pc

There are a few restrictions however, you can only use Free Cam on Windows but we’re going to be going over a Mac alternative later on.

And if you want it to record your screen and webcam at the same time, so maybe have like a Face Cam while you’re recording, you can’t do that within the free version but there’s a bunch of different programs.

I’m going to be talking about where you can do all of that. So if you don’t have a super powerful computer but you want to record your screen and audio and then also make some light edits afterward, I would say that Free.

2. OBS Stream lab

best free screen recorder for pc no watermark


It is available on Windows and also has a beta version for Mac. You can add multiple audio and video inputs into a single recording

So if you want it to record your microphone, your system audio, your gameplay, your Face Cam as well as add a face cam border on top, you can do that within a single Recording using Stream labs.

Stream lab is also very customizable and it can do a lot of different things. Not only can you record your screen but you can also stream to platforms such as YouTube and Twitch and set that all up with your scenes and sources within the program.

Stream lab is my personal favorite just because

  • It’s the most customizable.
  • And it’s very robust.
  • It can be used for both recording and streaming.

The only limitation I would say is that you need a slightly more powerful computer but nothing crazy by any means.
If you have:

  • 4gb of RAM
  • Intel i5 , 2000 or higher

3. Flashback

best gaming screen recorder for pc


You can also use Flashback and flashback has two different programs, they have Flashback express and they have Flashback X which is the gaming version. Now flashback express is fairly similar to OBS in terms of functionality.

You can record different audio inputs and video inputs and as good for gaming and you can also use everything within the program itself. The UI is very different so if you don’t like the Stream labs UI, then you might like the Flashback express UI.

 And then Flashback X is the gaming version and what’s really, really cool about it is it has DVR style recording which means that you can just open up Flashback X and keep it running without recording your screen.

And then say you hit a really cool trick shot or stunt and you want to record something that’s already happened, you can use Flashback X to do that. So these are great alternatives to OBS Stream labs
Flashback Express and Flashback X are also free.

4. Screen Rec

best free screen recorder for low end pc


Screen Rec is probably the simplest recorder on this list, it’s available for Windows, Linux and Mac, which is great. And what you can do in Screen Rec is basically record your screen, record the audio as well as take screenshots.

And the whole idea behind Screen Rec is being able to do this very fast. There not many editing functionalities built into it but the goal is just really quickly record your screen, record your audio or take a screenshot and then send it to somebody else and share it with them right away.

Since Screen Rec is the simplest recorder on this list, it also has the lowest system requirements so you can have a fairly old computer that can still run it. Another free screen recorder for low end pc in 2021.

What’s really nice is that it doesn’t have any watermarks, it doesn’t have a time limit but on top of that, you also get two gigabytes of free cloud storage.




All screen recorders are best and compatible according to devices so you can use them without any stress or without any high requirements. 

This is all about the best free screen recorders in 2021. Hope you like this content keep following our site for awesome content like this. 



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