Best Feedburner Alternative for Blogger 2021

FeedBurner is going to expire in July 2021 according to the blogger notice. So what will going to happen to the subscriber and how can we make another system like a feed burner. Thus, we are using one f the best FeedBurner alternative for blogger. I like this FeedBurner alternative because this site allows users to import subscribers from Feedburner to their system.

I am talking bout the best FeedBurner alternative for bloggers is "follow it". Okay, what is follow it. If you haven't heard of it I will share a lot about it.

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best feedburner alternative for blogger


Follow.It is one of the websites which allows the user to make another followbywidget in blogger. Basically, follow it helps to rebuild a subscription menu in your blogger website. 

So we are again building a newsletter with the help of following it so that people or visitor subscribe to our newsletter and we could get traffic on our website.

Video Tutorial

How To Use Follow it in Blogger

Using a follow it on a blogger website isn't hard. I will show you the stepwise process to insert the best FeedBurner alternative follow it on the blogger website.

Step 1: Signup on Follow It

At first, you need to signup on website. And the website link is given below.

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Sign Up On Follow It

Step 2: Add Website

After the signup process is completed now go to settings and then to publishing and then add the feed then add your website to

best alternative of feedburner

alternative of feedburner for blogger
Add Website

Step 3: Design Follow By Email Widget

Now, design your followbyemail widget according to your template and hit continue.

follow it the best feedburner alternative

Step 4: Copy Code

Now, copy the code from and open blogger.

feedburner alternative for blogger

Step 5: Paste Code

Now, go to layout then add gadgets then click HTML/javascript and finally, paste that code in the content section.


follow by email widget for blogger

Step 5: Test And Enjoy

Now, test if it works or not and enjoy if it works for you.

follow it as new feedburner

Step 6: Claim Website

You may get a mail to verify a website. For this first, go to your mail and then coy meta tag and again move to blogger and paste that meta tag in below head. After that go to mail again and verify or claim your website.

feedburner alternative


There are a lot of Feedburner alternatives. I found that many of them are old and using old techniques or paid, on other hand, I got offers a free followbyemail widget.

One of the drawbacks of that I found that the news came 4 to 6 hours on your mail after it published on the website. The part I loved is they have very fast chat support on their website which surprises me. 

This is about the best alternative for Feedburner for blogger. And by this, you can easily integrate a replacement for the feedburner.

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