How To Check The Domain Age Of .Com.Np

 I am sure normally you can't check the domain age of you check any site on da checker or any domain age checker tools all domain age will show. 

But when you try to check domain age you may get unavailable or 0 years 0 months.

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So today I will show you how you can check the domain age in a stepwise process.

Video Tutorial

Steps To Check Domain Age

Well in a few steps I will show you how you can check the domain age of

Step 1: Visit Site

Go through the link below and search for "Whois Lookup" in the navigation. Then click on Whois Lookup.

Link: domian age checker

Step 2:Place Domain

Now you will be redirected to the page link below. Now you need to place the domain name and hit search.

check domain age

how to check the domain age of

Done. Now you can see the domain full details, where you also can calculate the domain age.

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Well by these steps you can easily check the domain age of easily. Checking domain age is important if you are going to do a guest post on any site.

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