Create Admob Ads Website

Create Admob Ads Website

Creating a website and earn money with that website is very easy now .However if you are beginner on the field of the Website designing as well as on the field of the monetization. As we discuss different Ad Network on previous post,we all aren't eligible to compute the adsense requirements for monetization as many of us may failed many times .
I would like to introduce the best HTML script which enable you to implement admob Ads on your website.

What would yo need???
  • Computer with text editor or Sublime Text
  • Some simple html knowledge
  • Need hosting Knowledge
  • Html script given by me
  • Admob account

Let's get started. I will take you to step by step.

Create Admob Ad Unit
  • Go to and Signup there as in the image above.

  • Then you sign-in into the Home screen of AdMob account.
  • Click three lines at the left side and click add the app.

  • You can add your app now.

  • Click on interstitial to add ads.

  • Give any name to identify your ads.

  • Copy the code.

Note: We have successfully finished the first step.

Make HTML file for Website.

  • We make a script that helps to show the AdMob ads on the website .So you have to download that script from the link given below:
  • Now open that file with a Text editor or sublime text.
  • You see something like this code in the below picture.

  • Now paste the first part of the AdMob ad unit code which we copied on step1.

  • Enjoy our HTML file with ads is ready:)

  • We have successfully finished the second step.

  • Step3:
    Create a Website on

    Choose your personal Gmail account.

    Now you are at the home page, you may see the "+" button click it

    Now at the sidebar, you will see file on it.

    Click on Upload files.

    Now click on the upload button at the top and upload the index file.

    • Well!Step3 is also completed.
    • Now check the Website if ads are loading or not.

    Hurry!!! Ads are loading perfectly !!

    Wanted shortcut Pay 1$ for doing all things..

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